[Malaysian Chronicle] : Orang Asli still denied their ethnicity in peninsula-issued Mykads

Malaysian Human Rights Commission or Suhakam chairman Hasmy Agam has slammed the BN federal government for disrespecting the rights of the indigenous people in the Mykad or identification card issued in Peninsular Malaysia, whereby their respective ethnicity was simply listed down as DLL or Dan Lain-Lain, which means Others.

“It is also an injustice towards their heritage, and this has caused the indigenous people to wonder and question why they are being treated that way,” Hasmy told a press conference.

“Each ethnicity, whether Senoi or others should be stated clearly on their IC so that they will also be protected, just like the other races in the country. It is time for the government to take wise action in this matter after such a long delay.”

Hasmy said the situation was in sharp contrast to the other races in the peninsula, where it is written clearly in the MyKad whether they were Malay, Chinese or Indian.

He pointed out that in Sabah and Sarawak, the races of the indigenous people were also clearly stated in the MyKad, so why not in the peninsula?

Difficult to fraternalize

Not only will such discrepancy create confusion amongst Malaysians, it was unfair to the indigenous groups and made it tough for them to identify and fraternize with each other.

The reality, Hasmy said, could not be denied and had to be accepted by the government as the basic rights of the people.

“The indigenous people, like other races in the country and the world, are trying to protect their race and culture. But with only ‘DLL’ written on their MyKad, the indigenous people’s identity especially in Peninsular Malaysia will be affected,” said Hasmy.

“And this is something they cannot accept. That is why they always talk to Suhakam regarding the issue to get attention from the government. I hope the government will look at this matter seriously for the survival and justice to the indigenous people. If the government can be fair towards other races, why can’t they be the same for all.”

Malaysia Chronicle

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