[Malaysia Chronicle] : Comparing Rosmah and Wan Azizah in earnest

Article from Malaysia Chronicle

Comparing Rosmah and Wan Azizah in earnest

Have you really taken a good, long and hard look at the published media photos of these two ladies, be it in the main stream media or new media including the Internet – one is the spouse of the PM and the other is the spouse of a PM-in-waiting.

The face is the index of the mind. So too, the eyes are the windows to the soul. Well worn clichés you may rightly say, but still so eternally true as tested, argued and proven by psychologists, sages and behavioral scientists – including our grandmothers.

Siamese twins or worlds apart

So what can we make out of these two personalities’ face and eyes? For the sake of discourse, are they both not light-years apart in comparison or are they like Siamese twins?

To begin with, we need to ask which one of them exudes grace and gentleness? Care and genuine concern?

And in contrast which one resembles hints of arrogance and an air of insincerity? Which face is warm, welcoming and maternal? And which one is bargaining for personal attention and glory?

Humility is a virtue that has always served our women folk as a lead advantage and stood the test of time immemorial as the mother of all mothers. Now, which one of the two speaks volumes of humility through her eyes?

Whose eyes give you an assuarnce of sincerity and smart thinking and which one hints cunning shrewdness?

While the face is the index of the mind, some may argue that it may not always be true. Accepted. Then which one of the two faces upholds this argument? Put it another way, which one speaks content and substance all the time and which one does not?

The index of the mind

Now take your answers and study the faces again. Does the well worn cliché hold water?

Looking at their eyes, which one connotes a visionary perspective and which one appears temporary and as Shakespeare would have said – wafting to the contrary?

Next, which one of the eyes have depth, giving trust a natural occupancy within and which one keeps you wondering ‘oh my God, is she for real?’.

Of course if the answers to all of the above questions are contrasting miles apart, then the objection that may arise is that, a book cannot be judged by its cover. Absolutely true!

So, suppose the above argument is accepted, then if you are still asked to place your last dollar bets, which of the two ladies will be your trusted leader? If you are having thoughts of voting for both, you need to be reminded this a ‘either or’ option. So you got to study hard and close the two faces and their eyes again.

The face that launched a thousand ships or chased away a thousand ships

Now some quarters may take serious objection to this piece of writing. Accepted with grace. But there is yet one last question: If one chooses to be in public office, then is it not obvious that that person/s cannot escape coming under the scope of public opinion?

And public opinion is not formed by imagination devoid of reality. It is a summary precipitation of what people see, hear, taste, smell and sense is it not?

And that is why the face is said to be the index of the mind. The shape of the face, the eyes, the lips, the nose, the forehead, the ears – all these are important; which explains why humankind have throughout the centuries since the start of the first man and woman on the planet, ensured much work and time goes on working and reworking the face – including adorning ornaments, artifacts and color.

And some even go beyond these traditions, subscribing to facelifts and Botox science.

So what is your interpretation of these two ladies’ faces? Which one gives you assurance and which makes you fear with suspicion?

 – J. D. Lovrenciear is a reader and contributor to Malaysia Chronicle

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One Response to [Malaysia Chronicle] : Comparing Rosmah and Wan Azizah in earnest

  1. kulaendran berkata:

    anyway we can’t compare the Angel(Wan Azizah) to the Witch(Rosmah) can we?

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